Ebling Snow Plows 2018 7.5ft Fixed Wing Truck Backblade

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Ebling Snow Plows
2018 7.5ft Fixed Wing Truck Backblade



Heavy duty back blade designed for 3/4 ton and 1 ton single rear wheel trucks.
90" Moldboard.
21" blade height
2ft wings bolted to the side of the moldboard
Support arm on the inside of each wing creates a strong rigid plow corner.
Approximate blade weight: 590 lbs.
4 arm lift system ensures a straight vertical lift pattern.
Adjustable top arms to accommodate different height trucks.
Adjustable QD arms making the blade universal to fit other trucks.
Bucher hydraulic pump is hard-wired to the vehicles electrical system.
Hydraulic pump is mounted to the plow and is protected by a 3/16 steel pump box with an easy to remove cover.
Hydraulic down pressure for maximum scraping action. Relief set at 2300 lbs.
1/2" Carbon steel moldboard cutting edge and durable 1-1/2" x 6" Polyurethane wing cutting edges are standard.
Remote switch at the rear of truck mounted on a stainless steel plate or recessed in the truck bed for quick attach/detach of back blade.
Professional control box can be mounted in cab and unplugged during offseason.
Full use of the truck tailgate
Built-in plow stand for off-season storage.
Ebling Truck Mount replaces OEM receiver hitch for all Ford and GM trucks. Ebling truck mount is installed on Dodge trucks without disrupting the 2" receiver hitch.
Ebling Truck Mount is specific to vehicle make/model/year/box length
Consult Ebling when mounting to trucks with dual wheels or trucks that have a flat/dump bed.
Powder coat finish.
1-year warranty.

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