?? Western Snow Plows
Wester Wide-Out w/Arrows

The Adjustable-Wing Plow from WESTERN

Extend the width of your plow, carry up to 40 percent more snow, and cut clean-up time in half with the WESTERN WIDE-OUT adjustable-wing snowplow.  With the innovative, moveable wing design you hydraulically control each wing to transform the blade into the plow configuration that best meets your needs.

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Western MVP Plus

The Ultimate in Speed and Efficiency

The WESTERN MVP was known for productivity and reliability, but now we've increased performance and taken it to the next level with the MVP PLUS.  This v-plow is availiable in steel or poly in three sizes (7 1/2', 8 1/2', and 9 1/2').  With industry-leading speed and productivity, MVP PLUS blows the the competition away!

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Western Pro Plus Plow

Big, Tough and Built to Last

The PRO PLUS has been a best seller for WESTERN.  Contractors continue to be impressed with its strength and versatility.  Designed for heavy-duty commercial and light municipal applications the 7 1/2',8', 8 1/2', and 9' PRO PLUS line fits a wide range of vehicles.

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Western Heavy Weight Plow

Hit the road with the HEAVY WEIGHT

With the largest blade available from WESTERN, the HEAVY WEIGHT plows are ideal for all-purpose, moderate-speed plowing, and are a great choice for clearing local streets, parks, country roads, and large parking lots.

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Western Pro Plow

Leave it to the PROS

Designed to meet the requirements of the professional plower, the 7 1/2' and 8' PRO-PLOW models are available in both powder-coat and poly.  The 8 1/2' model is offered in steel only.

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Western Midweight Plow

A Leaner Plow with Lots of Muscle

The 7 1/2' MIDWEIGHT snowplow is a high-performance plow designed for personal and light commercial use.  The MIDWEIGHT is available in powder-coated steel or high-density polyethylene.  The poly blade offers exceptional snow-rolling action and a maintenance-free surface.

For further information click on: MIDWEIGHT
Wester Suburbanite Plow

Never Underestimate Freedom

The SUBURBANITE personal-use plow is easy to use, simple to attach, and fits on many SUV's and compact trucks.  The handheld control lets you raise, lower, and angle the low blade from inside your vehicle.

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Quick Match is a selection guide that easily identifies the correct WESTERN snow plow options for a vehicle, based on that vehicle's unique specifications.

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